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Stargate SG-1: The Team :)

I've tried to keep this as simple as possible. Videos with characters listed with normal font are gen in content, those marked in clear red are slash or het depending on how my mood took me, and the song playing on the stereo at the time.
Disclaimers are contained within the videos themselves, and also in partial form on the list below, just to make sure I have covered my own arse here!!
For the sake of my (limited!!) bandwidth, please "right click and save as" to your computer before opening and playing :)

Bring It On [11.6mb]
Artist: Alistair Griffin // Video Length: 3mins 5secs
Character(s): Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c
Notes: Contains clips from every episode of Season One.
Crazy Chick [11.2mb]
Artist: Charlotte Church // Video Length: 3mins 8secs
Character(s): Jack/Sam
Notes: Three words: "The Broca Divide" ;)
Feeling Alive [14.3mb]
Artist: Alistair Griffin // Video Length: 3mins 56secs
Character(s): Daniel, Shyla, SG-1
Notes: Again episode related, this time Season Two's "Need"
NEW! Gone Fishing [15.2mb]
Artist: Chris Rea // Video Length: 4mins 30secs
Character(s): Jack
Notes: Slightly odd vid (I made it at something like 2am...!). Might be a character study if you squint and tilt your head like so...
Artist: Melanie C // Video Length: 4mins 11secs
Character(s): Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c
Notes: Another team video :)
Live Twice [14.9mb]
Artist: Darius // Video Length: 3mins 49secs
Character(s): Jack/Daniel
Notes: "Meridian" video.
Make Me Pure [14.3mb]
Artist: Robbie Williams // Video Length: 3mins 54secs
Character(s): Jack
Notes: A look at Jack through the first 5 seasons.
Artist: Clare Teal // Video Length: 3mins 18secs
Character(s): Daniel, Kinsey, SG-1
Notes: Ignoring the 30 second CotG intro, this is a vid for "There But For The Grace Of God" and "Politics".
Proud [15.7mb]
Artist: Heather Small // Video Length: 4mins 28secs
Character(s): Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, Hammond, others.
Notes: Team vid, clips from the first four seasons only.
Song: This Is The Army, Mister Jones // Artist: Jill Daniels // Video Length: 1min 7secs
Character(s): Daniel, Rothman, Teal'c
Notes: Harmless Christmas fun for Drakcir.
Wires [13.7mb]
Artist: Athlete // Video Length: 3mins 51secs
Character(s): Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c
Notes: Team angst with a smattering of whumping.

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