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For the sake of my limited bandwidth, please "right click and save as" to your computer before playing any of these videos! :)
Pairings are marked clearly in red, otherwise all vids are gen in content.

Bicycle Race [9.3mb]
"Co-Produced" with Sita Z
Artist:Queen // Video Length: 1min 51secs
Character(s): Tucker, Reed
Born to Try [11.1mb]
Artist: Delta Goodrem // Video Length: 4mins 14secs
Character(s): Tucker, Sim
Cold Water [8.4mb]
Artist: Damien Rice // Video Length: 5mins 11secs
Character(s): Reed
Artist: Kaiser Chiefs // Video Length: 3mins 54secs
Character(s): Reed
Rhetorics [6.6mb]
"Co-Produced" with Sita Z
Artist: Queen // Song: Radio Ga Ga // Video Length: 2mins 40secs
Character(s): Archer
Artist: Dido // Video Length: 6mins 47secs
Character(s): T'Pol/Tucker
Artist: The Divine Comedy // Song: National Express // Video Length: 4mins 16secs
Character(s): Archer, T'Pol, Tucker, Reed, Mayweather, Sato, Phlox
Artist: British Whale ft. Justin Hawkins // Video Length: 2mins 55secs
Character(s): Reed, Hayes
Artist: Muse // Video Length: 4mins 9secs
Character(s): Tucker/Reed
Artist: Oasis // Song: Roll With It // Video Length: 4mins 1sec
Characters: Tucker, Reed, mild Trip/T'Pol and Malcolm/Hoshi

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