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All my Stargate Atlantis vids can be found on this page. For the sake of my bandwidth, please "right click and save as" to your computer before watching any of the videos.
Gen-content videos have characters listed in normal font, whereas pairings of any kind are highlighted in red.
SPOILER ALERT: Season 3 episodes will feature in some videos, and will be clearly marked as such.

Angels [17mb]
Artist: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra // Video Length: 4mins 35secs
Character(s): Beckett/McKay
Notes: First attempt at an instrumental video. Few can do it better than the RPO, and clips are taken through to Siege II only.
Artist: Nerina Pallot // Video Length: 3mins 52secs
Character(s): Weir, Sheppard, Ensemble
Notes: Vid for "The Long Goodbye".
Music: Pink Panther Theme // Composer: Henri Mancini // Video Length: 2mins 45secs
Character(s): Sheppard, Kolya, the Genii
Notes: Vid for "The Eye". My "classical" entry into the Double Instrumental Challenge on Kawoosh Forums.
If I Know You [15.9mb]
Artist: Nerina Pallot // Video Length: 4mins 17secs
Character(s): McKay/Sheppard
Notes: Season one clips through to Siege II.
Artist: Arctic Monkeys // Video Length: 3mins 2secs
Character(s): McKay, Various (Slash) Pairings
Notes: Contains brief refs to het at the beginning, but it's mostly slashy. Clips through to "The Long Goodbye".
Artist: We Are Scientists // Video Length: 3mins 15secs
Character(s): McKay, Cadman, Beckett
Notes: "Duet" vid. Can be taken either as minor ship or slash.
Ooh La La [12.5mb]
Artist: Goldfrapp // Video Length: 3mins 26secs
Character(s): Sheppard
Notes: Could be construed as Shep/Atlantis pairing ('cause hey, if they can ship Beckett and the CHAIR...!!). Known affectionately as the STD in that respect... Sheppantis, anyone??
Music: Snow; The Wings // Composer: Gustavo Santaolalla // Video Length: 3mins 5secs
Character(s): Ensemble
Notes: Vid for The Siege, parts II and III, the music is from the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. My "instrumental" entry for the Double Instrumental Challenge on Kawoosh Forums.
Performed by: Cast of Avenue Q // Video Length: 2mins 41secs
Character(s): McKay, Beckett, Zelenka
Notes: Originally made for the musical challenge on the Kawoosh! Forum, however, RL got in the way, but it's finally finished!! Clips/spoilers through to Season 3's "Progeny"
***Nominated in the Stargate Music Video Awards and the Stargate Fan Awards
Twilight [13.2mb]
Artist: Vanessa Carlton // Video Length: 3mins 51secs
Character(s): Weir, Niam
Notes: Episode related to Season 3's "Progeny" and "The Real World"
We Need a Hero [17.7 mb]
Artist: Ron Wasserman // Video Length: 5mins
Character(s): Sheppard
Notes: Made for Draka's birthday. Healthy dollops of action and angst, and all the main characters get a scene or few as well.
Song: In The Morning // Artist: Razorlight // Video Length: 58secs
Character(s): Beckett/McKay, Sheppard/Weir
Notes: Made for the "Mini Vid Challenge" on the Kawoosh! Forum. Clips/spoilers through to Season 3's "Sateda"
Artist: Sonata Arctica // Video Length: 4mins 34secs
Character(s): Sheppard/Ronon, Beckett/McKay
Notes: Made for Haggy, who sent me the song and asked for John/Ronon. She didn't mind the Carson/Rodney on the side, though!! :D (Uses two small, non-spoilery clips from episode 3.02 "Misbegotten")

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