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I do think this one's rather self explanatory ;)
Everything I've ever written for the Star Trek: Enterprise fandom is available from this page, which does include two co-authored projects with friends.
Warnings, such as slash, het, dark or death are all clearly marked.
As I have had bad experience in the past, please note that WARNINGS ARE THERE FOR A REASON!! If I say something is dark then the chances are you may not be comfortable with it... ratings and warnings as applicable in every case.
Cynicism, however, is a speciality here at TLI Productions, so that'll crop up just about anywhere... ;)

Angels [slash]

Another Year Wiser

Around the Roses

Battle of Little Sickbay

Big Yellow Starship

Every Step 'o the Way [slash]

Ex Astris [slash]

Expletive Deleted

Father Tucker

Father's Day

For the Sins of Thy Father [het]

Fortis [slash]

High on Lullabies [het]

I Wanna Know [het]

I, Tantalus [deathfic]

If We Can Put a Monkey on the Moon

I'm No Angel [slash]

In Extremis

In This Life [het/deathfic]

It Ain't What Ya Do, It's the Way That Ya Do It

Last Boat to America

Making Waves [slash]

Miracle Worker [minor character death]

Mommy's Little Soldier

Natalie's Merchant

One Moment in Time [deathfic]


Real Love


Scenario Twelve, Option Three [fixit]

Scientia [slash]

see the sun [het/deathfic]

Seven in the Evening [het/deathfic]

Sir Malcolm and the Nether Dragons

Six in the Morning [deathfic]

Terms of Endearment

The Beginner's Guide To Blowing Things Up

There's More Than One Way O' Skinnin' a Cat


True Believer

Two Little Boys

Two Little Boys, Revisited

Unbreakable? [dark/deathfic]

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